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About Us

Mission Statement: Dynasty RedZone is here to produce high-quality dynasty fantasy football content and promote the industry as a whole.

Our Background: Edge Fantasy Sports was founded by a group of individuals uniquely positioned to develop quality content and experiences for the fantasy sports industry. With a background in marketing, design, and development, the group set out to create a network of resources with the freshest perspectives in fantasy sports.

Grow Our Industry: We believe that the best way to grow this industry is to work with content producers in a way that benefits the fans & players that are trying to improve their dynasty skills.  If you are interested in cross-promotion with the Dynasty Redzone, please contact us.

Our Team: A large team of quality contributors is important for us to maintain, so we’ve brought on a number of authors, podcasters, and video content producers. Each team member is excited to provide the dynasty community with valuable insight on building the best roster possible. We are proud of the hard work and dedication our team puts into their content. Click here to learn more about our team.

Work With Us: Dynasty RedZone is looking for opportunities to collaborate with unique voices and perspectives in the fantasy football community. We strive to represent varied opinions and promote the growth of the dynasty fantasy football community. Do you blog / vlog / podcast about your fantasy football experiences? Are you active in online forums or social media relating to fantasy football? If this sounds like you, contact us to see how we can work together.