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Mission Statement: The Dynasty RedZone is not here to only produce high-quality dynasty fantasy football content, but also promote the industry as a whole.  We are firm believers that there is a need for as much quality content as possible.

We believe that the best way to grow this industry is to work with other content producers in a way that benefits the fans & players that are trying to improve their dynasty skills.  If you are interested in cross-promotion with the Dynasty Redzone, please email [email protected].

The Creators: From a unique background, the creators of the Dynasty RedZone feel that they are in a unique position to contribute to the dynasty community.  Ricky Butts & Josh Doehla are also co-owners of a marketing & web design firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Nicolai Groves works right beside them.

The Team: A big team was important to us, so we brought on Bridger St. Clair, Colin Fitzgerald, Dan Faucett, David Cash, Jared St. Clair, Jason Creasy, Josh Stock, Kevin Pons, Rob Sullivan, Romeo Ramirez & Sean Coffey.  Each team member is excited to provide the dynasty community with valuable insight on building the best roster possible.  Learn more about each team member.

Josh Doehla

Nicolai Groves

I began playing fantasy sports in 2001 ranging from Football to Golf to even NASCAR. I was raised as a huge sports fan but mostly a football fan. Sundays have always been for football in my life and fantasy just brought an extra level to my love for the game. I am still fairly new to dynasty, just starting 3 years ago, but I absolutely love the ability to actually build and maintain team which re-drafts just don’t give you.

Rick Butts

I started playing in free fantasy football leagues when I was in 8th grade. In 2004, I started playing professional poker online and soon after found paid fantasy leagues. But, my love for fantasy didn’t jump to the next level until 2015 when I started my first dynasty league. As they say, “The rest is history.”

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About Us