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Hot Coffey Take: Players About to Explode & Players About to Implode

Hot Coffey Take: Players About to Explode & Players About to Implode

Dynasty fantasy football is about three things winning, longevity and value. Now when you look at that statement you will probably say to yourself, “Duh!” Winning in fantasy football is an obvious goal. Heck, even Herb Edwards said it best (or shouted I should say), “HELLO! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” There are multiple ways to win in dynasty fantasy football though. You could win by winning the championship or by rebuilding and getting your team set up for the next couple of years and help build longevity.

To me, longevity and value go hand and hand. Being able to trade away a player that I feel like is about to fall off for a player or players that I am high on is a win for me. How do you figure out the players could start to decline or incline? You have to look at their stats, injury history and team scenario.

Decreasing Value


Melvin Gordon, Chargers, RB

Melvin Gordon has 12 total touchdowns each of the last couple of years. He even had 3 touchdowns against Buffalo in week 2. The issue for me is he averaging 3.9 yards per carry and 63 yards per game rushing for a season in his career. Even when you look at the game he had against Buffalo, his one score came off of a 20-yard run. Without that run, his rushing stats would have been 8 attempts for 8 yards. Austin Ekeler had 11 carries for 77 yards. It has only been one game but if Ekeler starts to continuously get more carries than Gordon I’d look to move him.

Jordan Reed, Redskins, TE

Jordan Reed and Alex Smith have built a chemistry together. Which shouldn’t surprise a lot of people. Alex Smith has always seemed to favor his running backs and tight ends over his receivers. Reed has a troubling injury history to say the least. Even though he has 10 catches for over 100 yards and a score through 2 weeks, I would be looking to move him for some younger pieces or at least a more reliable tight end.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buccaneers, QB

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has started off a lot hotter than a lot of us expected. I personally thought that he wouldn’t be that far of a drop off from Jameis Winston during his suspension. Over the first 2 weeks, Fitzpatrick 819 yards passing and 8 touchdowns with another score on the ground. In those weeks he played some of the worst passing defenses in the league. In weeks 3 and 4, Tampa Bay plays a tougher Pittsburgh and Chicago defenses. Combine that with Winston returning and the “magic” could disappear along with his value.

Jay Ajayi, Eagles, RB

In 2017, Ajayi had only 2 games where he rushed for over 100 yards. He also ran for just 1 score. In the first game and a half of the 2018 season he rushed for 85 yards and 3 scores. I could see his value dropping soon due to his yards per game average. Ajayi missing week 3 and Corey Clement getting his shot to show what he can do in that offense (with a returning Carson Wentz) could hurt him.


Increasing Value

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Kenny Golladay, Lions, WR

I know it’s hard to say someone’s value can increase when in their first career NFL they score 2 touchdowns. However, Golladay has that type of potential. At 6’4″ and 213 pounds, Kenny has the tools to succeed. In his first two games this season he has 13 receptions for 203 yards and a score. Marvin Jones and the running game hasn’t been playing that well and Kenny G has been capitalizing on it. This year is Golden Tate’s last year of his contract, which means more targets for Golladay next year.

Sammy Watkins, Chiefs, WR

I have been a believer In Sammy Watkins since he signed with Kansas City. With Patrick Mahomes performing the way he has can only mean good things for his receiving crew. In week 1, the Chiefs jumped out to an early lead and Sammy had just 3 catches for 21 yards. In week 2, he seemed more comfortable and amassed 6 catches for 100 yards and 31 yards rushing. I could see it being just a matter of time before he regularly starts getting 5-6 catches for 100 yards in every game.

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Corey Davis, Titans, WR

We have all been hearing about Corey Davis for the last 2 years. He was hurt of most of last year and didn’t fully get true to form until after the fantasy season. His performance against the Patriots caused him to gain a lot of hype during the off-season. Davis has yet to record a 100-yard receiving game or score a touchdown in the regular season. If you can trade for him now I would suggest that you do it. Once Davis and Mariota are able to build some in-game chemistry the could prove to be a very nice young tandem.

David Njoku, Browns, TE

David Njoku’s stats are sure to increase with Baker Mayfield under center. Before Thursday night’s game Njoku had 7 catches on 14 targets for 33 yards and no touchdowns. After Mayfield came in the game he caught both of the passes thrown his way for 36 yards. Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway should help open up the field for Njoku for dump off passes. At 6’4″ and 246 pounds Njoku should be a nice big target for Mayfield in the middle of the field for years to come.

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