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Hot Coffey Take: Jarvis Landry 2019 Prediction

Hot Coffey Take: Jarvis Landry 2019 Prediction

Jarvis Landry was traded to the Cleveland Browns from the Miami Dolphins before the 2018 NFL draft. At that time he was set to take the field with Josh Gordon on the opposite side of the field. Carlos Hyde was the lead running back. Tyrod Taylor, who was also acquired before the draft, was set to toss passes around. Hue Jackson was the head coach and Todd Haley was the offensive coordinator.

Since then, the Browns seemed to want to hit reset on their roster. Gordon was traded way to the New England Patriots. Number 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield took over for Tyrod Taylor under center. Carlos Hyde was traded away to Jacksonville to make room for second-round pick Nick Chubb. Then Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were relieved of their duties with the Browns. Leaving Landry and tight end David Njoku as the only skill position left from week 1 on offense.

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Now while that doesn’t mean that Landry could find himself on another team in 2019, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Even though Landry and the Browns signed an extension right after he was signed, what is to stop them from trading him away to another team willing to pay a price to have him catch passes from their quarterback?

Here is a list of possible spots Jarvis Landry could be playing next year and his fantasy football value moving forward:

Cleveland Browns:

The most obvious choice is to stay in Cleveland. He recently signed an extension and the Browns have won more games in the first 11 games this year than the last 2 combined. Between Taylor and Mayfield, he has been targeted 111 times for 60 catches. Landry turned those into 630 yards and 2 scores. While some of this numbers aren’t on pace with his best seasons, some growing pains should be expected with a rookie quarterback and evolving offense.


Even though he would be on the same team I think his value would increase as he builds chemistry with Mayfield and Cleveland learns how to use Landry.

Indianapolis Colts:

This one interests me the most and is one of the few spots Landry could be traded. The Colts have an owner crazy enough to want to pull off a big trade to help his team and cap space to acquire a big contract. This coming offseason the Colts could be losing Ryan Grant and Dontrelle Inman to free agency and Chester Rodgers is a restricted free agent as well. That means that Indianapolis will be looking for another receiver opposite of TY Hilton.


Anytime a wide receiver gets paired with a quarterback the caliber of Andrew Luck his value will increase. The only question would be how the targets would pan out.

Arizona Cardinals:

The Cardinals will have a decent amount of cap space heading into the 2019 season. If Larry Fitzgerald retires they might want to look at getting another All-Pro wide receiver to be Josh Rosen’s newest weapon. Because Arizona doesn’t have a lot of assets outside of draft picks that they would be willing to trade, I don’t see a trade to Arizona that likely.


If he would get traded to Arizona I think Landry’s value would stay where it is right now, possibly take a little hit. Arizona needs to work on their offensive line and be able to give Rosen so time in the pocket to see his value increase.

New York Jets:

The Jets are looking to make a big splash this offseason. While many think that means signing Le’Veon Bell, they could also be losing 5 wide receivers heading into 2019. Finding some wide receivers for Sam Darnold should be the Jets priority. Giving up capital to acquire Landry might not be the smartest move for them when there are some other needs they need to address.


Even though the defenses might not be as tough in the AFC East, I can’t see his production really increasing any more than it is right now. Darnold will need some weapons to grow with but Landry’s contract could hurt the team more than help.

These are just a few of the possible landing spots for Jarvis Landry if Cleveland was looking to move him before the 2019 season.

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