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IDP Hype Train Week 13: Joey Bosa, Eddie Jackson and Jessie Bates

IDP Hype Train Week 13: Joey Bosa, Eddie Jackson and Jessie Bates

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the playoffs! Let me do my best to help you with your IDP plays this week! Bye weeks are over, so if you have top end players make sure they are in your lineup if you are weak at a position and looking for a fill-in, here are some players to watch and watch out for.


Players to Watch:

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DE Joey Bosa – Chargers

Week 13 Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers

Now that Bosa’s knocked the rust off, and the fact that Big Ben likes to move around to extend plays, I get the feeling that Bosa should be able to put up a nice stat line for you this week. He is a top end talent, and will most likely be in lineups across IDP leagues now that he’s healthy. Ben’s only been sacked 16 times this year but Bosa has a knack for getting to the QB, let it rip!


DT Rodney Gunter – Arizona Cardinals

Week 13 Opponent: Green Bay Packers

Rodgers has been sacked 34 times this season, 9 times in the last two games (albeit against better teams in Seattle & Minnesota). Gunter has averaged double digits points per week since week 8, and that’s big from the DT position. Be careful though, Gunter’s played two crappy teams in San Fran and Oakland but also studs like the Chiefs and Chargers, so he has a chance for success for you this week.


LB Von Miller – Broncos

Week 13 Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals

With Dalton done for the year, the team will turn to Jeff Driskel to save their playoff hopes, and the Broncos are still in the playoff hunt, so look for them to attack Driskel with pressure all over the field, with all the playmakers on defense Denver has a chance to confuse the young QB with disguised looks, which bodes well for Von. On a side note, Driskel looked good in his limited time but Cleveland wasn’t studied up on him and playing softer coverage, Denver will have time to prepare, if you have a Broncos starter I’d play him (Chris Harris, Chubb, etc).


CB Kyle Fuller – Bears

Week 13 Opponent: New York Giants

Eli’s only thrown 7 picks this year, and only 1 in the last 3 weeks. On the other hand, since Chicago’s week 5 bye, Fuller has averaged CB1 numbers 5 of 7 weeks. He’ll probably be shadowing OBJ all game, so the targets will come, can fuller get his 6th INT of the season? I’d expect a good amount of tackles, and pass defenses to help pad those numbers also!

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S Eddie Jackson – Bears

Week 13 Opponent: New York Giants

I normally try to not have two players from the same team but man Eddie Jackson has been HUGE lately, I added him or traded for him in almost every IDP league I’m in, and this dude has been a revelation. Just outside the top 10 safeties, there is potential for Jackson to come back to earth but against the Giants, and the fact that Saquon breaks through into the secondary, I’d expect Jackson gets you a good amount of tackles, Pass Defenses, and potentially INT’s.


Players to Watch out for:


DE Cameron Jordan – Saints

Week 13 Opponent: Dallas Cowboys

He’s been very hit or miss but for the simple fact that Dallas is hot right now, i’d look elsewhere. He may put up a decent amount of tackles but from the end position, there are better plays this week.

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DT Damon Harrison – Lions

Week 13 Opponent: Los Angeles Rams

Detroit just can’t get a break this year even with adding a stud like Harrison, they are still a dumpster fire and if you have a Ram, start him! If you have a Lion, stay away! Now that Rashan Gary has declared for the draft, as a Lions fan I want LA to bury us! #BuryForGary


LB Matt Milano – Bills

Week 13 Opponent: Miami Dolphins

In the last two games against Miami, he’s only averaging 4.5 tackles. He’s been a top 10 LB for IDP purposes but I don’t trust him this week, divisional games can always get a bit messy, and with his history against Miami, I’ll look elsewhere this week.


CB Stephon Gilmore – Patriots

Week 13 Opponent: Minnesota Vikings

I expect Gilmore to get some tackles, as the Vikings are a pass-happy team in the playoff hunt, coming off a big win against Green Bay. I’m just not confident Gilmore has it in him this week, since his great week 1 and 2 stat lines, he’s only been a CB1 in one week, the rest have been bad, like crossing the streams bad.

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S Jessie Bates – Bengals

Week 13 Opponent: Denver Broncos

I’m not confident he’ll do much more than get you some tackles and maybe a pass defense, the Bengals look like a rudderless ship and they are sinking fast. Bates has been a top 10 Safety this year but my fear is he doesn’t give you a huge game, and in the playoffs, you need to start the guys who will give you huge games week in and out.


Good luck this week!

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