NFC North Depth Chart Break Down

NFC North Depth Chart Break Down

Come Join The Dynasty Tailgate, as @Tilgater_BJ and @Tailgater_Mitch Talk Jamies Winston, Martavis Bryant, and break down the depth charts of the one and only NFC North.


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William Kolb

Growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, everyone learns two things, how to appreciate alcohol, and how to love the great game of Football. Football has always played a huge role in my life, it taught me how to evaluate talent, life lessons, and introduced me to my favorite hobby in Fantasy Football. Although I have played fantasy football for what seems like my whole life, my love for the game grew when my football playing days ended in college. That’s when I started studying the Dynasty format, I dove into league setup, different rules, scoring systems, and the most important part of how players are evaluated differently and how to be an effective trader. After studying the format for three years, I decided it was time to start my own league, and after running that with my closest friends I knew I fell in love with Dynasty Fantasy Football. Today I am in way too many leagues to count, loving every second of it, and co-host a Dynasty podcast The Dynasty Tailgate with my longtime friend and fellow dynasty enthusiast Mitch Prestine.

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Podcast, The Dynasty Tailgate NFC North Depth Chart Break Down