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Hot Coffey Take: NFL’s Best Rookie Connections

Hot Coffey Take: NFL’s Best Rookie Connections

A lot of times when a team drafts a quarterback they will try to draft a wide receiver to pair him with. As time passes, from rookie camp to preseason they will have a lot of time to work together and get their timing down. Over the years there has been numerous combinations like this. Andrew Luck passing to TY Hilton and AJ Green catching passes from Andy Dalton are just a couple of example of this. This year is no exception as almost each rookie quarterback has at least 1 rookie receiver with him.

As a fantasy football player stacking a quarterback and wide receiver can be very beneficial. Every time your wide receiver scores you basically get double the points. The easiest to get one of these pairings is to draft rookie combinations.

We will take a look at some of the better pairings and talk about their future together. So, let’s jump in.

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4. Lamar Jackson & Hayden Hurst/Mark Andrews, Baltimore:

While most of these pairings consist of a wide receiver, tight ends work as well. I included both Hurst and Andrews here because they are 2 different types of tight ends. Hurst will play more towards the line and Andrews can spread out wide to generate mismatches. They are number 4 on this list because Jackson isn’t playing full-time yet and Hurst just came back from injury. Once they gain experience together, they should be a great tandem and targets for Jackson as he will look to make plays out of the pocket.

3. Baker Mayfield & Antonio Callaway, Cleveland:

I’m sure if you are reading his you know that Baker Mayfield was the number 1 pick in the draft in 2018. Callaway was drafted in the 4 round by the Browns to pair him with Baker. The Browns thought high enough of Callaway to trade away Josh Gordon and let Callaway take over. Mayfield took over in week 3 and has been targeting Jarvis Landry mostly in games. But with new play calling headed to Cleveland and some NFL experience, the Baker to Callaway connection could be a solid one.

2. Mason Rudolph & James Washington, Pittsburgh:

This will be the third AFC North tandem on the list. Mason Rudolph has yet to find the field during relaxant playing time and James Washington has Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster ahead of him. Why are they number 2 on this list then? Because both of them played together at Oklahoma State for 3 years. They already know each other and have the timing down.

1. Josh Rosen & Christian Kirk, Arizona:

While this connection might not be a popular one, I believe it is the best of all the rookies. Rosen took over towards the end of the Cardinals week 3 loss to the Chicago Bears and has been the starter after the past few weeks. Christian Kirk has been starting at wide receiver off and on as well. Since week 3 Kirk has had 26 catches on 39 targets for 379 yards and 2 touchdowns. Rosen has thrown for 94 completions and 1072 yards over that span. That means 41.5% of Rosen’s completions and 35.4% of his yards are going to Christian Kirk. Over time those numbers could increase and be a nice combination to have on your dynasty team.

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