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No Halftime DFS Partnership

No Halftime DFS Partnership

No Halftime Fantasy AppDynasty RedZone is proud to announce that we have partnered with the 1v1 fantasy app No Halftime for the 2018 season.

What Is No Halftime

Unlike other daily fantasy apps, No Halftime pits one player vs. one player, utilizing one NFL player vs. one NFL Player.  So, in week 3 when you are for sure that Julio Jones is going to have his yearly 200 yard, 2 touchdown game, you can challenge your buddy that thinks Antonio Brown is going to go off.  When it comes to the wager amount, you have a number of options; $0, $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $50, $75 or $100.

One thing that I would love to see them add is the option to do multiple weeks & full season for all these Calvin Ridley vs. Mohamed Sanu bets that Nicolai and I have going on.  It would really help me to keep track.

Positional Options

One of the most fun parts about No Halftime, is that you can literally pit different positions against each other, whether offense, defense or even kickers.  Yes, unlike our favorite dynasty leagues, No Halftime does feature kickers.  Even though I don’t like them in dynasty, I think it would be fun to have some Cody Parky vs. Mason Crosby bets going on when my Bears are playing the Packers.  Or, how fun would it be to win $5 when Greg Zeurline outscores Jerrick McKinnon.

There are endless options and I love that about No Halftime.

Scoring Settings

One thing that I will lobby for, is at least an option to pick between standard or PPR.  Right now, PPR is not offered and it has always been the reason that I liked DraftKings over FanDuel (plus those kickers) in DFS.

Other than that, the points are pretty standard.

Offensive Points:

  • Passing TD’s = 4
  • Interceptions = -1
  • Passing Yards = .04 pts per yard
  • Fumbles Lost = -2
  • Rushing or Receiving TD’s = 6
  • Rushing or Receiving Yards = .1 pts per yard
  • 2-point conversion = 2

IDP Points:

  • Sack = 1
  • Interceptions = 2
  • Fumble Recovery = 2
  • Safety = 2
  • Block Kick = 2
  • Defensive TD = 2

Kicker Points:

  • 0-39 Yards = 3
  • 40-49 Yards = 4
  • 50+ Yards = 5
  • PAT Made = 1

Private ContestsPrivate Contests & Leagues

It is really cool that you can invite your friends to challenges.  It is the feature that I see myself utilizing the most.  If you want to challenge me, you can invite me to challenges using my email, [email protected]

Just a heads up, I can’t accept every single money challenge thrown my way.

But, I will be putting some bracket style leagues together.  If you are interested, I recommend you join our Facebook Group to see the details.

Get a $10 Signup Bonus

Part of our deal with No Halftime was to ensure Dynasty RedZone supporters were taken care of when joining No Halftime.  Use the promo code – redzone – and you will receive a $10 Signup Bonus.


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About The Author

Rick Butts

I started playing in free fantasy football leagues when I was in 8th grade. In 2004, I started playing professional poker online and soon after found paid fantasy leagues. But, my love for fantasy didn’t jump to the next level until 2015 when I started my first dynasty league. As they say, “The rest is history.”

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