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Sully’s Week 12 Buy’s – Dalvin Cook, Amari Cooper

Sully’s Week 12 Buy’s – Dalvin Cook, Amari Cooper

Hello everyone, I hope all is well.

Well, we are entering the final days prior to the majority of trade deadlines so this will be the final installment of buys for 2018. I hope that these videos have been as enjoyable for you to watch as they have been for me to make. Ok, let’s get right to it.

My first, buy this week is Dalvin Cook.

Cook has been a frustrating player to own in fantasy the past two seasons. The second round selection of the Vikings in the 2017 NFL entry draft has missed more games than he has played in, and he’s coming off a train wreck of a game in week 11 vs the Bears. He has appeared in 5 games this season averaging 8.9 points per game in PPR scoring. He appeared in only 3.5 games in his rookie season. So, in a nutshell, we are talking about a player that went in the first round of rookie drafts last season and a player that went top 15 in startups this season that has appeared in 8.5 of a possible 26 games. What some may forget is that Dalvin Cook was the leading rusher in the league at the time of his torn ACL in 2017, and he was coming off two double-digit performances when he suffered a hamstring injury this season. In his first game back he put up 14.9 points and was clocked at 22 mph on his 70 yard run in week 9. The talent is still there with this guy and I look for him to finish the season strong. The only week that is of some concern for me the remainder of the season is week 17 vs the Bears and most leagues don’t play into week 17. His fantasy playoff schedule is Seattle in week 14, Miami in week 15, and Detroit in week 16. I’m comfortable starting him in all those contests. So reach out to the frustrated Dalvin Cook owner in your league and make the move to buy low before its too late.

My second buy this week is;
Amari Cooper. Cooper appears to be a love or hate kind of guy in the Fantasy Community. I’ll be honest. I have been both of those guys this season. I was a love guy in the preseason, became a hate guy after watching how the Raiders failed to target him and became a love guy once more when he was traded to the Cowboys. Cooper has appeared in 3 games for the Cowboys since coming over in a deadline deal from the Raiders. He is averaging 4.7 catches, 56 yards, and .33 touchdowns over that period of play. Just under 12.5 fantasy points per game. Cooper is coming off a dud of a game in a great matchup vs Atlanta in which he was 3/36 on 5 targets. I believe that the best is yet to come for Cooper in Dallas. Wide Receivers take a little time to get comfortable in a new offense and in the next few weeks we should see his productivity increase. I like his playoff schedule as well. Week 14 home to Philadelphia, week 15 in Indianapolis, and the greatest matchup of all Tampa Bay in week 16. Cooper is only 24 years old and in a dynasty format, the reasons to buy him are immense. Grab him from an owner that could be disgruntled and add him to your lineup and go on a run to the Championship. Cooper shouldn’t be your WR1 but he is a great complement to a contending team.

The third and final buy this week is;
Dontrelle Inman. Inman is not a player that you will acquire and slide directly into your starting lineup on a weekly basis, but he is a WR that you should be able to add relatively cheap, that has upside. Inman in his last two weeks is averaging 4 receptions, for 37.5 yards and half a touchdown. Having a player that is averaging a shade under 11 fantasy points a game in PPR that has one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL throwing to him on your bench is good insurance. The Colts playoff schedule Houston in week 14, Cowboys in week 15, and the Giants in week 16. Those match-ups are decent and when we are talking about a WR that should be your 5th or 6th option, you may find a spot for him as a plug and play guy especially in the championship week vs the Giants.

That will do it for this episode and for 2018. Thanks again for watching and best of luck the remainder of the season. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Started playing fantasy in a work league in 2007 and have been an active player ever since, engaging in multiple leagues annually, including a league I’ve commissioned since 2012. My passion for fantasy was triggered after entering my first dynasty league in 2016; building a team retained for years to come became an obsession. As an active waiver wire participant, who loves the art of the deal as much as I do, dynasty is the perfect match. Dynasty humbles you, teaches you something each and every season, and I just can’t get enough.