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Sully’s Week 8 Sells – Marlon Mack, Carlos Hyde, Raheem Mostert

Sully’s Week 8 Sells – Marlon Mack, Carlos Hyde, Raheem Mostert

Week 8 – Sells

Hello everyone, welcome back. I hope you are doing well and that you all had a successful week 7. Let’s jump right into this week’s sells.

My 1st sell this week is the Indianapolis Colts running back Marlon Mack.

Mack had a nice day this past Sunday for the Colts. He rushed 19 times for 126 yards with a touchdown and added another score on 2 catches for 33 yards. In week 6 Mack ran 12 times for 89 yards and added 1 catch for 4 additional yards. So for those keeping score at home, Mack since returning from injury has posted 215 yards on 31 carries (6.9 YPC) 3 catches for 37 yards and 2 touchdowns.

In my opinion, this is the perfect time to sell Marlon Mack. The Colts had been averaging 48 pass attempts a game vs 20 rushing attempts in the first 6 weeks prior to their 23 pass and 37 rushing attempts in week 7 vs. Buffalo. The reality for the Colts is the number of games in which they will be leading will be minimal going forward. The pass-catching running back in Indianapolis is Nyheim Hines, not Marlon Mack, and there is a very decent possibility that Mack misses some more time this season. Mack is a sell high candidate after his last two solid weeks of production and an upcoming juicy matchup vs the Raiders. Don’t give Mack away target fair value, and use the return to plug some needs on your roster.

The second sell this week is the Jacksonville Jaguars running back Carlos Hyde.

Carlos Hyde has a new address and an unclear role in Jacksonville. He will most likely take the lead running back duties until injured RB Leonard Fournette returns from injury, whenever that may be. In addition to Carlos Hyde, there is TJ Yeldon that will eat into Hyde’s workload on the ground and especially in the passing game. The Jags offensive line is beaten up and the Jaguars as a team are a mess right now. I do not see a scenario in which Hyde’s value increases. Carlos Hyde has name value and at times name value brings a decent return. I especially like Hyde as a sell if you are targeting a contender that needs some running back help. These owners may tend to overpay for the security on their roster. Start with the first place team in your league and work your way back, I believe you will like your return. If you are a contender or a middle of the pack team, treat this as you would any transaction and seek value for your asset with the intention of improving your roster.

My final sell this week is the San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert.

Mostert is a hot commodity as he has made a splash the last two weeks due to Matt Brieda’s wonky ankle and Alfred Morris’ tendency to suck. Mostert is in his 4th NFL season and lands in San Francisco after failed stops in Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Chicago. The 49ers are his 5th team in 4 seasons and prior this season, his career numbers were 7/36. I do not believe that the longevity is there for Mostert and with Matt Brieda getting healthier each week. Mostert has surpassed Morris and will likely settle in as a change of pace back for San Francisco going forward. One thing I believe to be true is that his value will likely never be higher and as a result, I am looking to sell at his apex and bring a positive return to my roster.

That’s is for this week, thanks for tuning in and good luck in week 8.

Take care

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