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The Dynasty RedZone Team: It was very important for us to build a solid team of authors that would bring a wide variety of opinions.  It is a firm belief here at Dynasty RedZone that not one (or a few) people have the answers to your fantasy needs.  We are proud to present the following authors & podcast hosts to the dynasty fantasy football community!

Bridger St. Clair

I started playing fantasy football at 8 years old. I have been a huge NFL fan since as early as I can remember. I remember falling in love with the Pittsburgh Steelers at a very young age, and a few years later my dad started to teach me about fantasy football. I have always been a stats geek so as you can imagine I absolutely ran away with this hobby and never looked back. I’ve always played in 2QB leagues, and I am a big advocate for them. I just recently picked up the dynasty format after being interested for a couple years. I could never find a league to join so I just decided to start my own! Shortly after that I found facebook communities for dynasty and became fully invested.

Colin Fitzgerald

Football is one of the few things I find solice in with all the hectic times we live in. I specialize in film studies mainly, and will stand by my takes once I got all out. My biggest personal pet peeve is when people don't know, or say there isn't a massive difference between keeper leagues and dynasty. I'm happy to get into some of the 2018 & 2019 prospect talk! Currently in 5 dynasty and 0 redraft leagues. I finally ditched my last 2 redrafts this year.

Dan Faucett

I, like almost everyone I know, started out playing cheap Yahoo redraft leagues. I’ve always enjoyed the leagues and researching. My favorite part of any type of fantasy league are the drafts. It just gets me so jacked up for the regular season along with the fantasy season. Plus it is the only part of the season where everyone has the same amount of hope(before it all comes crashing down on a week 1 non-contact injury).

David Cash

I started playing fantasy football when I was 13. I joined a league with my dad and a bunch of his buddies. The rest is history, as I have been addicted ever since. I joined my first dynasty league in 2010 and the addiction got even stronger. There are very few things I am as passionate about as I am for fantasy football. Currently, I am in 6 dynasty leagues and 3 redraft league. As well as being very active in DFS.

Jared St. Clair

I have been playing fantasy football for over 30 years. We’re talking looking up and calculating your scores via USA Today, making line up changes via voice mail on an 1-800 number. When I’m not playing or podcasting about fantasy football, you can hear me talking nutrition on Vitality Radio. For me, it’s all about Dynasty, Auction Drafts, IDP and Super Flex.

Josh Stock

I started playing fantasy football in the 3rd grade. My dad was an early adopter and encouraged myself and three friends to start our own league. I rode Barry Sanders to a championship that year and the hooks were officially in. In 1999, I discovered Yahoo free leagues. That was a game changer. The automated scoring allowed me to put away my calculator and expand to ten team leagues. I’ve been commissioning leagues every year since.

Kevin Pons

I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since I was 16. I grew up a Rams fan and got to witness the Greatest Show On Turf. Currently don’t have a favorite team due to obvious circumstances, which has helped me grow as a Fantasy Football player honestly. I fully enjoy this hobby and love to share my knowledge/opinions with whoever will listen.

Matthew Brown

I am a Miami Dolphins fan forever. This is a sad and unfortunate fact to admit. Because of my love for such an awful team, football was never very exciting for me. Then I joined my first fantasy football league 10 years ago. I think my exact words were “At least I can't be worse then my NFL team”. After getting my feet wet in a Keeper league, I decided it was time to take on Dynasty. In 2016 I did my first dynasty start up draft. I am now in 4 dynasty leagues and will be adding a few more before the 2018 season kicks off. I have a passion for trade negotiations and player value changes. You can reach me at [email protected] with any questions and I hope you all enjoy my work on the best free dynasty site around Dynasty RedZone.

Rob Sullivan

Started playing fantasy in a work league in 2007 and have been an active player ever since, engaging in multiple leagues annually, including a league I’ve commissioned since 2012. My passion for fantasy was triggered after entering my first dynasty league in 2016; building a team retained for years to come became an obsession. As an active waiver wire participant, who loves the art of the deal as much as I do, dynasty is the perfect match. Dynasty humbles you, teaches you something each and every season, and I just can’t get enough.

Sean Coffey

I started playing fantasy football when I was 15. After that first season, I started studying football year round and started ranking players on my own. From there, I found dynasty fantasy footabll in 2007 and developmental leagues in 2015. From there, I never looked back. To me, fantasy football is always in midseason!

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The Team